You're Doing it Wrong

A virtual archive of Isabella Losskarn's 2022 solo exhibition, "You're Doing It Wrong" at Slouch Gallery in Weaverville, NC.

"You’re Doing It Wrong" can mean so many things.

There are so many things that we do wrong each day.

It is possible to be wrong, to be treated wrong, to wake up wrong.

A solo exhibition of hyperrealistic, absurd pastel drawings of pop culture items, You’re Doing It Wrong acts as a relatable and accessible way to spark the discussion and understanding of the larger, often unseen impacts of gendered experiences. These familiar, abused household items intentionally recall core childhood experiences, existing as striking visual metaphors which speak to the widespread effects that contemporary political and pop-culture practices related to the topics of sex and gender have on individual childhood/adolescent development of personal identity. Just like the presence of gender stereotypes, misogyny and sexism in politics and popular culture, you’ve seen and experienced these objects before - it is even possible that they exist in your memories or personal life.

As the cyclical use and disposal of pop-culture items is a shared human experience, this colorful presentation of familiar products in a manipulated and/or abused state speaks to the constantly evolving contemporary perpetuation of obsolete gender norms and stereotypes.