There's Plenty For Everyone

A Virtual Archive of Isabella Losskarn's 2023 Solo Exhibition, "There's Plenty For Everyone" at Revolve Gallery in Asheville, NC.

As manufacturers of industry and popular culture squarely attempt to predict and shape individual identity through consistently outdated and corrupt product campaigns, it can understandably be difficult to maintain confidence with regards to one's own identity. 

THERE’S PLENTY FOR EVERYONE is an exhibition of large scale pastel drawings which invites guests into an imagined household space full of hyperbolic, absurdly manipulated products that are familiar to contemporary domesticity. Moving among these human-sized products, guests may begin to  imagine themselves as the gendered items which are ubiquitous in grocery stores, pantries, countertops, and medicine cabinets, and are implored to question how the gendering of these products interacts with trends of consumer oppression, regulation, and identity. 

Objects are harbingers of familiarity. Invited into personal domestic spaces via common pathways of necessity, objects accumulate and occupy quiet margins of our daily life with the intention of eventually being used, for one purpose or another. 

Gender identity is not unlike these objects. It is something that lays dormant within oneself until eventually, it presents itself, for one reason or another. 

And of course, each of the objects that we own and interact with are not stand-alone. They are accompanied by price-tags, labels, sales, advertising campaigns, fingerprints, and unique dust.

What goes into the creation of the commercial objects that are synonymous with our contemporary popular culture? Is it the creation of an advertised stereotype? Why?